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What you Don’t Know Can Be Painful

Water leaks catch us by surprise and cause damage to our beautiful homes. Often because it is such a surprise that your home is now filled with water, homeowner don’t always know what to do.  Surprisingly many people think that mopping up the water is enough. In summer of 2009 we had a homeowner call us after he had cleaned up water from a pipe leak about 1 month prior. He had removed the water with his shop vacuum and thought that was enough. Unfortunately 4 weeks later he began to see black spots all over his walls and cabinets. What started as a small water leak had turned into a mold problem. He still waited to contact us for another 2 weeks while attempting to fix it himself. We are not a mold remediation company and at that point it was beyond our help and not covered by his insurance.

water damage servicesMore recently a homeowner experienced a water leak. They had the plumber out to repair the leak which he did but that was it. Unfortunately the plumber didn’t mention the need for a water restoration professional to inspect the home. 16 days later their wood floors are ruined, walls and cabinets are wet and carpet still soaked (it was in an area with no traffic). What you don’t know can hurt. Even if you think it is a small water leak and not worth your time it is much more safe to call a flood restoration company out for a quick inspection than to wait and see what happens. It may cost a small emergency fee up front but could end up saving thousands of dollars and a lot of headache.

Emergency Water Extraction, Restoration and Repair
It’s four in the morning. Nature calls. You step out of bed and…your feet are inexplicably wet and cold. You listen closely and hear rushing water. You are a responsible person so you already know where your water shut off valve is and you turn the water off. Now the question is what next?

Unfortunately, that story is not uncommon. When water lines break and water spreads throughout your house you need an emergency water extraction service that will respond quickly and efficiently. Angelic Restoration has been serving the Greater Dallas Area since 2005. We are experts in water damage remediation and flood restoration. Whether the source is a toilet leak, water heater gone bad or a washing machine that just doesn’t want to hold its water we have the experience and technology to extract your water and dry out your home. Our services are so complete that even if flooring or walls need to be removed to dry the home out we can replace everything so that it truly looks better than before.

You can’t time or plan on an emergency, but you can be prepared for one. If a water line breaks and you find yourself in need of an emergency water extraction crew, start with your insurance company and then turn to a professional restoration company. One such company with great reviews is the Restoration Pros in Indianapolis.

Easy Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some tips from Compass Garage Doors located at 2720 Van Aken Blvd, Suite #210 Cleveland OH 44120, call (216) 446-666 or visit them online for local garage door repairs.

A lot of people are having a hard time when it comes to garage door opener troubleshooting. Perhaps, they do not have any idea as to how they are going to repair the device because they do not really understand the problem. If you have the same kind of problem, then it is very important that you address it immediately. So if you want to immediately repair the device, you have to be very knowledgeable about garage door opener troubleshooting.


When it comes to garage door opener troubleshooting, you sometimes need to think simple first. For instance, there are some people who cannot open the door no matter how hard they try to press the button on the remote control. In several instances however, the garage door is just locked. So before you get frustrated with your remote control, it is a good idea to make sure the door is not locked.

If the door is not locked, then there could be a problem with the remote control. One of the things that you should check with garage door opener troubleshooting is the battery. Perhaps, the battery is already dead. This is also one of the most common reasons why the door does not open. If this happens, you only have to replace the batteries.

garage door openersThere are also several instances when the door opens and closes on its own. If this is the case, you have to again check the remote control. Perhaps, a button is so pressed down that the sensors are continually working. You also need to check if your neighbor has the same door opener as yours. There is a possibility that your remote controls have the same sensors and the signals that are being sent by the remote control of your neighbor is being picked up by your door. This is also a very common garage door opener troubleshooting tip.

If you always hear grinding or scraping sounds, there is a possibility that there is a problem with the gears and motors. If this is the case, you may only need to lubricate the screws and the edges. You can also check the springs if they are still fine. Proper maintenance usually goes hand in hand with garage door opener troubleshooting.

If the lights are shut, you need to check if the bulbs are already burned. Sometimes, they need to be replaced especially if they are used for several years already. This is also a very basic garage door opener troubleshooting tip.

Actually, there are still other important garage door opener troubleshooting tips that you should learn more about. However, most of these are very obvious and they need not be detailed out. It can also be a very big help if you are going to read the manual that comes with the device. But if you really have a hard time in understanding these garage door opener troubleshooting tips, then it can be a big help if you will ask for the help of the professionals.

Can Property Owners Save Money With Spray Foam Insulation?

The short answer is yes. The cost of fuel is always rising and falling just as the price of heating and cooling your property. Because of this property owners are always on the look out for better and smarter ways to reduce their energy bills. One of the first things homeowners look at is their furnace. Upgrading or replacing the furnace or HVAC unit can reduce the energy bill if they opt for a newer energy star unit. This may help a bit, but if you have air leaks in the walls and ceilings your not fixing the real problem. It is like having the windows open while running the air conditioner.

But don’t fret, there is a solution. By installing spray foam insulation, you’ll see an immediate savings on your energy bill. You can then upgrade your HVAC unit at a later date and see even greater savings.

Installing Spray Foam Insulation

denver spray foam insulationColder climates have a greater challenge with keeping the heat in and the cold out. There are Denver spray foam insulation companies that specialize in just this type of insulation. Spray foam is great for homes and commercial buildings. Metal buildings greatly benefit from foam sprayed on the ceiling and walls.

Spray foam insulation is a reliable solution that can help reduce monthly energy costs. The upfront cost of foam insulation is a little higher than your standard insulation so don’t be shocked. The good news is that the energy savings is amazing and you’ll recoup your investment in less than 2 years. So just think about it, that means that year 3 and beyond you’ll be spending less and enjoying a more comfortable home.

The best way to begin your energy savings should be with an energy audit. Find an energy audit company in your local area. They use special equipment to identify leaks in your home or building. These audits will tell you the efficiency of your windows, walls and ceiling. Now you’ll know exactly where your opportunities are and what you need to improve the energy efficiency of your home or commercial building.

For property owners in Colorado, Spray Foam Pros is a local insulation company that specializes in spray foam insulation and offers both open cell and closed cell insulation solutions.

Spray Foam Insulation Demonstration

Myths About Home Basement Waterproofing

Unfortunately there are many misconceptions and myths floating around about waterproofing a basement. We discuss four myths that are among the most common in the waterproofing industry.

Myth #1 – Waterproofing will not stop a basement leak

When a homeowner has a water problem they can elect to make a repair or resolve the problem. In some cases the homeowner may decide to fix the leak without installing a complete waterproofing system. The waterproofing contractor will guarantee their work but that doesn’t stop the water from leaking into the basement from a wall on the other side of the room. A good basement waterproofing company will help the homeowner understand the repair work that will be done and the risks of not installing a complete foundation waterproofing system.

Myth #2 – Black tar paint is a sufficient waterproofing method

In actuality black tar paint is not waterproofing. Black tar paint may keep some of the vapor out but on its own it will not protect you basement from water leaks. Waterproofing systems are made up of several different components that together they will protect your basement from water getting in and if it does get in that it will quickly be pumped back out.

basement foundation waterproofingMyth #3 – There is only one solution for waterproofing your basement

One of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have about basement waterproofing is that there is a single solution that corrects every problem. The reality is that every home is different – the soil, the grading, the water table, the climate and the drainage around the home. Each of these can contribute to the problem. Because of all these variables there are different solutions and waterproofing systems. The key to the success of your homes waterproofing project is understanding the root of the problem and then devising a solution.

Myth #4  –  Basement waterproofing will be expensive

As we discussed above every job is a little different so the costs will vary from situation to situation. Most homeowners think that they will need to get a second mortgage on their home to cover the cost. The average basement of about 1500 square feet will cost around $10,000 to install a complete waterproofing system. Keep in mind that these are averages and the actual cost will depend on your homes unique situation and the scope of the work.

When you need to hire a Boston basement waterproofing contractor make sure you ask them to explain the problem, the solution and if it is a repair or complete waterproofing system. It is always a good idea to get a couple of quotes, ask a lot of questions and make sure you understand the work they will be performing.

Breaking the Local Roofer Myth – Has Your Roofing contractor Sold Out?

When your area is hit with a major storm – hail, wind and more, it looks like the roofing contractors begin to pop up from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. You understand the importance of keeping the work local because of the warranty and the ease of getting them back out if there is a problem. So you turn to your local phonebook or to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to look for a local roofing company to take a look at the damage your roof has received. To your surprise, a truck from this local business pulls up with a magnetic temporary sign on the door and out of state license plates.

hail storm damages roofSo what exactly don’t you know? Ironically, the roofing companies that are pushing the most for you to shop in your local area aren’t local contractors anymore. After a large hail storm a storm chasing company from out of town used the very same phonebook and Better Business Bureau listing and bought into the company or in some cases they bought it out. The contractor from out of town can now easily bypass the local licensing laws and they are able to get instant credibility. Unfortunately for the consumer, they are dealing with sales, management and work crews from out of state. These sneaky storm chasers look local and are legally able to use the references and credibility of a local business without really being local.

The big question now becomes “how do you really know if your local roofer is really genuine?” You can start by requesting a letter of guarantee from the individuals who registered the business with your State. Ensure that they have not sold the company and aren’t leasing out the business licenses or business name. You should have them put all of this in writing.

Another sure fire way to ensure the company is local would be to check with the local chamber of commerce office. Most local companies will register with the local chamber or another organization while out of state companies will not.

If you are in the Houston area and looking for a Houston residential roofing company you can trust visit and tell them Christa sent you.

Hiring a Local Business for Your Foundation Repairs

When you have damages to the foundation of your home the repair costs can be quite considerable. It really depends on what kind of damage was done and how extensive it is. For example, if you had leaky water pipes inside your home then you may have mold or mildew on your walls. Not only will this increase your chances of getting sick, but the wood interior of your foundation will be rotted away. This means you will have to replace the rotten wood, which is a very expensive process. You may also have cracks in your wooden floors that will need to be repaired as well. However, the most expensive repair work will be if you need to level out your foundation when it is on uneven soil. How does soil get uneven? It all has to do with how well the soil was filled and compacted before your home was constructed on top of it. If the soil was improperly filled then it will cause a portion of the foundation to sink over time. This means a contractor will need to jack up the side of your house and fill in the soil, which is extremely expensive.

foundation and basement inspectionSometimes you could have natural disasters that extensively damage your foundation. Fortunately, you can make certain kinds of repairs that will keep your home from caving in, splitting in half or crashing into the ground on its side. The four methods of repairs are drilled bell piers, helical piers, pressed pilings and steel pairs. Drilled bell piers is a popular foundation repair method where you drill belled shafts that are 11 feet long and then fill them with concrete. After the concrete dries, your home has a new support system to fight against nasty weather. Helical piers are a more expensive repair method, but many contractors will tell you this is the best method. Basically, you have to dig a ditch around your home and then drill a helix plate underneath the foundation. What the helix plate will do is prevent the foundation from moving around due to the high pressures of a windy storm. Pressed Pilings, on the other hand, are more suitable for those on a tight budget. This repair method is only recommended as a temporary repair solution because it does not prevent your foundation from moving.

The way it works is concrete cylinders are placed underneath your home to give it stability. However, cylinders are difficult to place underneath a home because of their size and shape. Therefore, they do not go very deep into the ground to sustain permanent pressure. Finally, the steel piers repair method is great for average consumers that have a little money to spend and want better results than the pressed piling cylinders. The steel piers method involves placing steel pipes underneath the home where they can act as support beams for the structure. The pipes will decrease the movement of the foundation, but it will be subjected to lots of corrosion and rust. In the end, it is always a good idea to ask a contractor about which method is right for you.

It sounds really complex and you might think you need to hire some big national company but that is so far from the truth. The Foundation Pros (foundation repair Massachusetts) are a small company in north eastern US and they have the skills and experience you would expect from one of the large corporations. They provide foundation repair and waterproofing to the communities in Massachusetts, parts of New Hampshire and Rhode Island. You can visit their site for more information at

Massachusetts Foundation Repair Specialist