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Breaking the Local Roofer Myth – Has Your Roofing contractor Sold Out?

When your area is hit with a major storm – hail, wind and more, it looks like the roofing contractors begin to pop up from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. You understand the importance of keeping the work local because of the warranty and the ease of getting them back out if there is a problem. So you turn to your local phonebook or to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to look for a local roofing company to take a look at the damage your roof has received. To your surprise, a truck from this local business pulls up with a magnetic temporary sign on the door and out of state license plates.

hail storm damages roofSo what exactly don’t you know? Ironically, the roofing companies that are pushing the most for you to shop in your local area aren’t local contractors anymore. After a large hail storm a storm chasing company from out of town used the very same phonebook and Better Business Bureau listing and bought into the company or in some cases they bought it out. The contractor from out of town can now easily bypass the local licensing laws and they are able to get instant credibility. Unfortunately for the consumer, they are dealing with sales, management and work crews from out of state. These sneaky storm chasers look local and are legally able to use the references and credibility of a local business without really being local.

The big question now becomes “how do you really know if your local roofer is really genuine?” You can start by requesting a letter of guarantee from the individuals who registered the business with your State. Ensure that they have not sold the company and aren’t leasing out the business licenses or business name. You should have them put all of this in writing.

Another sure fire way to ensure the company is local would be to check with the local chamber of commerce office. Most local companies will register with the local chamber or another organization while out of state companies will not.

If you are in the Houston area and looking for a Houston residential roofing company you can trust visit and tell them Christa sent you.

Emergency Window Repair in Colorado Springs

One of the most important features of any building is its windows. It doesn’t matter if the building is used for commercial or residential purposes. Not only do windows make up the appearance of a building, but they also allow people to let fresh air inside when they want to. However, when it comes to broken windows it can have a very negative effect on the building’s appearance and the comfort level of the inhabitants inside.

Worst of all, a broken window will give burglars and thieves easy access to the inside of the building. This is why you cannot afford to let a broken window remain for any longer than you have to. Emergency window repair services in Colorado Springs are available for this exact reason. You might not think a broken window is an actual emergency, but it may be if you live in an area with a lot of crime or bad weather that you want to keep out. These are situations that cannot wait a day or a week to fix, like a broken lawnmower or air conditioner. Fortunately, you can choose an emergency window repair service that is open 24 hours a day, seven days per week to handle all your window emergencies.

window imageThere are four traits that any emergency window repair service provider should possess if you are going to hire them. The first is the speed of their delivery. Since this is a 24-hour service, you will never have to worry about what time of day it is. However, you still need to make sure you choose a company that responds to your call as soon as possible. Some repair services will make you wait for hours. A good company will respond within the hour you call them. Next, you need a company that offers quality windows and installation. These need to be windows with clear glass that are also durable and won’t break from the lightest taps or bumps. It doesn’t have to be bulletproof glass, but strong enough to withstand common household accidents. Finally, you will want a company that has professional workers who give you honest and fair prices for their work.

Local Window Repair Company

I’ve found the perfect company for you, Emergency Window Repair of Colorado Springs – this company wrote the definition of quality emergency window repair. I had a golf ball go through my upstairs window and with all the rain we’ve been getting I needed a fast repair. What I expected when they arrived to fix it was a board up. But they surprised me and had all the material they needed and were able to fix the window within an hour. Great service, friendly staff and fast response time… highly recommend this company. Now I have their phone number handy in case I need to call them again.

Hiring a Local Business for Your Foundation Repairs

When you have damages to the foundation of your home the repair costs can be quite considerable. It really depends on what kind of damage was done and how extensive it is. For example, if you had leaky water pipes inside your home then you may have mold or mildew on your walls. Not only will this increase your chances of getting sick, but the wood interior of your foundation will be rotted away. This means you will have to replace the rotten wood, which is a very expensive process. You may also have cracks in your wooden floors that will need to be repaired as well. However, the most expensive repair work will be if you need to level out your foundation when it is on uneven soil. How does soil get uneven? It all has to do with how well the soil was filled and compacted before your home was constructed on top of it. If the soil was improperly filled then it will cause a portion of the foundation to sink over time. This means a contractor will need to jack up the side of your house and fill in the soil, which is extremely expensive.

foundation and basement inspectionSometimes you could have natural disasters that extensively damage your foundation. Fortunately, you can make certain kinds of repairs that will keep your home from caving in, splitting in half or crashing into the ground on its side. The four methods of repairs are drilled bell piers, helical piers, pressed pilings and steel pairs. Drilled bell piers is a popular foundation repair method where you drill belled shafts that are 11 feet long and then fill them with concrete. After the concrete dries, your home has a new support system to fight against nasty weather. Helical piers are a more expensive repair method, but many contractors will tell you this is the best method. Basically, you have to dig a ditch around your home and then drill a helix plate underneath the foundation. What the helix plate will do is prevent the foundation from moving around due to the high pressures of a windy storm. Pressed Pilings, on the other hand, are more suitable for those on a tight budget. This repair method is only recommended as a temporary repair solution because it does not prevent your foundation from moving.

The way it works is concrete cylinders are placed underneath your home to give it stability. However, cylinders are difficult to place underneath a home because of their size and shape. Therefore, they do not go very deep into the ground to sustain permanent pressure. Finally, the steel piers repair method is great for average consumers that have a little money to spend and want better results than the pressed piling cylinders. The steel piers method involves placing steel pipes underneath the home where they can act as support beams for the structure. The pipes will decrease the movement of the foundation, but it will be subjected to lots of corrosion and rust. In the end, it is always a good idea to ask a contractor about which method is right for you.

It sounds really complex and you might think you need to hire some big national company but that is so far from the truth. The Foundation Pros (foundation repair Massachusetts) are a small company in north eastern US and they have the skills and experience you would expect from one of the large corporations. They provide foundation repair and waterproofing to the communities in Massachusetts, parts of New Hampshire and Rhode Island. You can visit their site for more information at

Massachusetts Foundation Repair Specialist

Find Cool Things at a Pawn Shop

For everyone who has a interest in going through second-hand goods, or looking for unique and antique collectibles, with one-of-the-kind-characteristics, pawn shop could be a great choice. You will be able to get some massive discounts on quality goods that you normally wouldn’t be able to find at those prices. So, if you are in the mood for some shopping adventures, you could pay a visit to your local pawn shop.

How Things work at a Pawn Shop?

Some people avoid shopping at pawn shops, mostly because they are unsure of the quality that they will find in second-hand items. That belief is truly misleading, since at a pawn you can find nearly everything that you can think of. Employees and appraisers who work in pawn shops decide the price of a certain object in accordance with its value and significance based on material or date of manufacturing, so they buy certain goods with belief that those goods will be desirable, which is set to make them and customers, both, satisfied with the purchase. Most products are in great shape, antique, or only used for a while, therefore desirable for the shopper.

Josie's Pawn shop in Denver
Josie’s Pawn in Lodo, Downtown Denver


What can I find at a pawn shop?

Pawn shops offer great range of goods, starting from jewelry to musical instruments, technology and tools. You can find antique jewelry, great antique furniture, designer clothes, stamp collection, old paper and coin money collections, quality used tools, musical instruments for kids in school and the serious musician. You can also find all kinds of collectible figurines and comic-book collectibles, electronic appliances, TVs, microwaves, limited edition collectables, Tiffany jewelry, Rolex watches, old manuscript, gold, gold and silver jewelry, unique bracelets, engagement rings, and anything else you could imagine.

The fact is that pawn shop owners do not buy broken or damaged things, but only those goods that they believe could make them profit with its value and/or significance. You should also check for available return policies, if any, but return policy at pawn shops are not a common case, so make sure you check all aspects of certain item before buying it. Shopping at pawn shop is in 90% of cases safe, where you get exactly what you bought, or even better, just like in any other shop. Just make sure you buy at reliable pawn owners. You will definitely be able to find lots and lots of cool stuff at a pawn shop, all at more affordable prices. Enjoy your hunt!

One of the most reputable pawn shops I have found in Denver is Josie’s Pawn “home of the 10% interest Rate”. They have continued to keep their interest rate low while all other pawn shops are charging 20% interest. They have a great assortment of unique items and they check out all technology so that you buy quality. This is a great place to get lower prices and still shop local. Support Josie’s Pawn as she continues to compete with the big chain pawn shops moving into the area.

Support Your Local Businesses and Spend Your Dollars Where You Live

No matter where I go, I find “for lease” signs in the windows of downtown shopping centers and neighborhood strip malls. Each time that I pass an empty storefront that used to be the home of a local shop or restaurant, it makes me pause. What makes the neighborhood shopping experience appealing and fun are those cute, funky and unique small shops. All of the independent shops like bookstores, cafes, jewelry and unique craft stores are the makings of a shopping district destination spot. The unique character of the neighborhood is made from these small independent shops and when they close and leave a vacant sign something is lost.

The local shops in your neighborhood help to bolster the local economy. A greater percentage of the dollars you spend at a local shop stay in the local economy. Rather than having me rattle off a bunch of statistics, I’m opting to share a great infographic that shows the importance and value in shopping local and supporting the small buinesses in your area. Shop local and everyone wins!

shop local infographic

The infographic is from the Huffington Post and the specific article is: