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Emergency Window Repair in Colorado Springs

One of the most important features of any building is its windows. It doesn’t matter if the building is used for commercial or residential purposes. Not only do windows make up the appearance of a building, but they also allow people to let fresh air inside when they want to. However, when it comes to broken windows it can have a very negative effect on the building’s appearance and the comfort level of the inhabitants inside.

Worst of all, a broken window will give burglars and thieves easy access to the inside of the building. This is why you cannot afford to let a broken window remain for any longer than you have to. Emergency window repair services in Colorado Springs are available for this exact reason. You might not think a broken window is an actual emergency, but it may be if you live in an area with a lot of crime or bad weather that you want to keep out. These are situations that cannot wait a day or a week to fix, like a broken lawnmower or air conditioner. Fortunately, you can choose an emergency window repair service that is open 24 hours a day, seven days per week to handle all your window emergencies.

window imageThere are four traits that any emergency window repair service provider should possess if you are going to hire them. The first is the speed of their delivery. Since this is a 24-hour service, you will never have to worry about what time of day it is. However, you still need to make sure you choose a company that responds to your call as soon as possible. Some repair services will make you wait for hours. A good company will respond within the hour you call them. Next, you need a company that offers quality windows and installation. These need to be windows with clear glass that are also durable and won’t break from the lightest taps or bumps. It doesn’t have to be bulletproof glass, but strong enough to withstand common household accidents. Finally, you will want a company that has professional workers who give you honest and fair prices for their work.

Local Window Repair Company

I’ve found the perfect company for you, Emergency Window Repair of Colorado Springs – this company wrote the definition of quality emergency window repair. I had a golf ball go through my upstairs window and with all the rain we’ve been getting I needed a fast repair. What I expected when they arrived to fix it was a board up. But they surprised me and had all the material they needed and were able to fix the window within an hour. Great service, friendly staff and fast response time… highly recommend this company. Now I have their phone number handy in case I need to call them again.

Support Your Local Businesses and Spend Your Dollars Where You Live

No matter where I go, I find “for lease” signs in the windows of downtown shopping centers and neighborhood strip malls. Each time that I pass an empty storefront that used to be the home of a local shop or restaurant, it makes me pause. What makes the neighborhood shopping experience appealing and fun are those cute, funky and unique small shops. All of the independent shops like bookstores, cafes, jewelry and unique craft stores are the makings of a shopping district destination spot. The unique character of the neighborhood is made from these small independent shops and when they close and leave a vacant sign something is lost.

The local shops in your neighborhood help to bolster the local economy. A greater percentage of the dollars you spend at a local shop stay in the local economy. Rather than having me rattle off a bunch of statistics, I’m opting to share a great infographic that shows the importance and value in shopping local and supporting the small buinesses in your area. Shop local and everyone wins!

shop local infographic

The infographic is from the Huffington Post and the specific article is: