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What you Don’t Know Can Be Painful

Water leaks catch us by surprise and cause damage to our beautiful homes. Often because it is such a surprise that your home is now filled with water, homeowner don’t always know what to do.  Surprisingly many people think that mopping up the water is enough. In summer of 2009 we had a homeowner call us after he had cleaned up water from a pipe leak about 1 month prior. He had removed the water with his shop vacuum and thought that was enough. Unfortunately 4 weeks later he began to see black spots all over his walls and cabinets. What started as a small water leak had turned into a mold problem. He still waited to contact us for another 2 weeks while attempting to fix it himself. We are not a mold remediation company and at that point it was beyond our help and not covered by his insurance.

water damage servicesMore recently a homeowner experienced a water leak. They had the plumber out to repair the leak which he did but that was it. Unfortunately the plumber didn’t mention the need for a water restoration professional to inspect the home. 16 days later their wood floors are ruined, walls and cabinets are wet and carpet still soaked (it was in an area with no traffic). What you don’t know can hurt. Even if you think it is a small water leak and not worth your time it is much more safe to call a flood restoration company out for a quick inspection than to wait and see what happens. It may cost a small emergency fee up front but could end up saving thousands of dollars and a lot of headache.

Emergency Water Extraction, Restoration and Repair
It’s four in the morning. Nature calls. You step out of bed and…your feet are inexplicably wet and cold. You listen closely and hear rushing water. You are a responsible person so you already know where your water shut off valve is and you turn the water off. Now the question is what next?

Unfortunately, that story is not uncommon. When water lines break and water spreads throughout your house you need an emergency water extraction service that will respond quickly and efficiently. Angelic Restoration has been serving the Greater Dallas Area since 2005. We are experts in water damage remediation and flood restoration. Whether the source is a toilet leak, water heater gone bad or a washing machine that just doesn’t want to hold its water we have the experience and technology to extract your water and dry out your home. Our services are so complete that even if flooring or walls need to be removed to dry the home out we can replace everything so that it truly looks better than before.

You can’t time or plan on an emergency, but you can be prepared for one. If a water line breaks and you find yourself in need of an emergency water extraction crew, start with your insurance company and then turn to a professional restoration company. One such company with great reviews is the Restoration Pros in Indianapolis.